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  • Hen Party Planning help

    Hi there, my name is Grant Thompson and I am the Managing Director at Pop The Fizz, the leading provider of Stag/Hen do’s in the UK! With 12 years of experience, I firmly believe that I know exactly how to make your Stag/Hen the memorable occasion it should be and that’s why I wanna let you guys know the easiest, best and most importantly STRESS FREE way of organising you’re Stag or Hen.   Think of this as a checklist for you guys organising and co-ordinating any Bride/Groom’s big send off! These are all great source’s for the Hen’s! +Brides Magazine +Brides +Brides in Bloom + and that’s exactly what I’m writing about today, how to create the perfect Hen party. Don’t fear gentlemen, I’ll be posting my Stag version tomorrow, but for now, take a peak at this +Groom Speeches +Groomsmen Gifts +Groom Formal Hire +Groomsmen Factory  
    • First of all, get a group of 3 or 4 of the Bride’s closest friends to create a council for the hen.
    • Create the guestlist! Obviously this is entirely up to you guys, but to get the numbers organised early is vitally important.
    • Create a contact pack for each person, with everyone’s e-mail, phone number and Facebook listed… TOP HINT! Creating a Facebook event also makes communication and delivering information much easier
    • Create a budget that everyone can stretch to… Make sure nobody is left out, if this is an issue. Then invite more people! The more people that turn up, the bigger the discount that Pop The Fizz will give per head!
    • Make sure the decision making is done only by the council and the hen, or else it can become chaotic! And this is where it can become stressful… Remember this is meant to be fun.
      Location, location, location. The great thing about Pop The Fizz is that we tailor make every single aspect of the Hen do to your taste, we know everything there is to know about the Hen do world and the location is vitally important. Our friendly and efficient customer service means that we will ensure that you girls are going to the right place for your wants and we pride ourselves on you guys having a good time! So whether it be a big, loud and exciting girls trip to Newcastle or a more intimate and personal affair in a classic and grand setting such as Edinburgh or York, Pop The Fizz will make sure it goes off without a hitch.   Decide on fancy dress or a theme for the it does not have to horrible or over the top. it can be tasteful and fun. This is a great way to start up conversations with in the group if every one does not know each other and also brings the Hen party together as one group. Make any surprises, personal to the bride and as obvious as it may sound…. Keep it a secret and make sure she doesn’t find out! Make sure all the travel/logistics are organised, double check everything and enjoy!   Please come back tomorrow and have a read of the Stag List as I am sure you will pass the info on to your other half!!!!