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  • Stag Party Weekend ideas and planning help

    What do you want from your stag party weekend?

    The most fun possible at a reasonable cost but with help and guidance along the way so you know what is happening and you can also enjoy the trip. Here I am again Grant Thompson from Pop the Fizz. Over the past 12 years I have arranged ten of thousands of Stag and Hen Weekends through out the world. I am producing a little guide to help you gain a step up when starting to plan a Stag party.   At Pop the Fizz we organise parties for a living, and the first and most important point is to make the process STRESS FREE. I am sure you will all agree!! There has been checklists and articles written before not not my ME! so check this one out.   The blog today is for the best man !! It will allow you to create the perfect send off for your best friend, funnily enough as I am writing this my best friend is contemplating getting engaged to his girlfriend so I will be blogging through the whole process as we go along. I have planned stag do in the past for friends but none for my BEST FRIEND, sorry for all those I have done before I still love you !!   Over the past few months I have found the press including TV want to get more involved in Stag and Hen Weekends, recording groups away and finding out the ins and out that go on. DOnt watch these programmes as every one knows “what goes on tour stays on tour”   This Blog over the next couple of weeks will help in different areas:
    • Check list to make sure you you are organised
    • Give you an idea on different Stag locations through out the world
    • Give you an idea on what Stag activities you can do in certain places
    • Give you options on for the Group and the Stag
    • Good Hotel Options
    • And much more day to day things I find
      Well lets crack on with the checklist   Like most male groups you might have been planning this for a while and I am sure in the pub you have heard the line “When i get married I want to go to… ??”. Well this is your chance to sort that our for him. You should have as little involvement from the future wife other than maybe ” I will look after him, or, don’t you worry he will be safe hands!” Get together a small group of friends and met up preferably over a pint, to get your practice in, discuss location options. Bare these in mind when doing this. What is different from organising a Stag night from a Hen night, is that you take the choice away from the Stag. It has nothing to do with him. You are in control. So with in mind pick a suitable location with your small group of friends. Ask him who he would like to invite Very important as you need to know if the Brides father will be invited. It is important to get the guest list organised early If his future wife will not give his passport over you must make sure it is some where this is not needed. Try and get a budget so every one can come but bearing in mind who he has invited from the point above. How many days are you looking to go away for. A good point to think about, if he has only invited a small group of close friend he may be planning a home leg for the masses closer to the event so you can get away for a little longer with out upsetting people. Create a face book page and email thread for those not on email so you can invite and confirm people who will be attending as well as opening the streams of Banter. Contact a Stag Company to get ideas such as they will help you with advise on areas you may not know. They can also put in place payment plans that can ease the constant chasing of money from the rest of stag group. All stag companies need to be paid in general one month before but can put in payment plans to get guys to pay each money or when ever they like, but they chase this for you. Have a list of tasks you would like him to complete while you are away, such as Drinking a pint from some ones shoe, Wearing tutu or dress for the day and so on. This leads on to Themes for the day make sure you as the best man pack the Stags outfits for the few days you are away. As an example I had “Only gay in the village” for the airport, we also have airport drinking games, “Borat mankini” for the second day and “A Smurf” for the third day. Take photos but they are never to be published and shall always be kept private to be used for banter and examples for future stags do with in the group. Try and arrange either an event or an activity to participate in so you will not have three or 4 solid days on the drink. Honestly this is a good idea as it bonds the group together and allows every one a rest even if only for a couple of hours check out for some water based activities. A simple football game is always a good cheap option. Other Day time options are things like Pub Golf as it lends itself to a theme. Make sure that you have all the medical requirements or conditions of the whole group. If you think this is not necessary check out stag and hen stories on tomorrows blog and find out about my Stag Do. Decide on a stripper and plan when wear and what she is wearing. Try and have a plan of action for each day and an itinerary so you have meeting point as say the morning afternoon and evening, so if people what to do there own thing they can step out and rejoin at certain times. Make sure no one logs onto Facebook over the weekend and adds things as in most cases the future wife will also be friends with this individual and might get annoyed with what she has seen. I am talking form personal reference here when my friend decided to post photos of me getting lead around a bar on my hands and knees by a stripper. Not Good !!!!!!! Give one telephone number to the future wife so she can get in touch at some point over the weekend, for peace of mind. I would not let the stag keep this phone and generally with there are no pockets, so carry a bum bag for him. If you pick a overseas stag location please do a little research with sites like +TripAdvisor or similar so you know what you can get away with as a Stag group. Well there is a lot in this blog and I hope you find it useful in the planning of the Stag do. I am here to help if you have any questions or ideas.