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  • What a Naked Butler has to say

    What the Naked Butler has to say !! Are you thinking about getting a Naked Butler on your Hen Night? Butler and Prosecco in Newcastle with Pop the Fizz Pop the Fizz Hen Party Weekend Naked Butlers Pop the Fizz arrange amazing Hen Nights with The Naked Butlers Naked Butlers are hugely popular for Hen Parties through out the United Kingdom as they are the right mix of sophistication with naughtiness for your Hen Weekend.   There is nothing better than sipping cocktails and playing party games with your best friends while being hosted by a half naked Butler with the body of a Greek god. We have received a very different view from one of the young lads that take on these roles in Australia, check it out. From a source from NT NEWS   MIKE was only 19 when he took his first job as a topless waiter in Darwin. By the end of the night he’d well and truly gotten to know a bride-to-be … and one of her friends.“A mate got me into it,” the 22-year-old said. “He met some girls out and they wanted two topless waiters for a private hen’s party at the Vodka Bar, so he asked me.” Mike was keen, but had no idea how crazy that first night would be.“When the job finished the girls still wanted to head out into town, so we just chucked shirts on and went with them,” he said. “One of the girls had been telling me about her boyfriend all night, but she ended up touching me up in the Monsoon’s smoking area.“And I also hooked up with the bride. You think it’s what you want as a 19-year-old full of testosterone, but thinking back on it now it was pretty disgusting.”Mike said topless waiters tended to be young, social and ripped.“There were a few who loved themselves, a few who just wanted free piss and others who never had that attention before,” he said.“That was me. I’d never had attention and then suddenly I had it — and free booze.“I thought it was the dream.” Officially, the job was to socialise and occasionally serve drinks and collect glasses, but the unofficial perks included plenty of attention from the ladies and stories only fit for Penthouse. “Most women just want to have a chat — it’s just a select few who go crazy,” Mike said.“The jobs where you’re working at a pub or club are pretty tame, but there are those few women who try to grab you or push you into a corner or bathroom.“I didn’t ever follow through with it myself, but I knew guys who disappeared for quite a bit.” Mike said it was the private parties that were the craziest. “The girls think they can do whatever they want, especially the older women,” he said.“If a topless chick was walking around you couldn’t touch her, but it was a whole other set of rules for us guys. “It was like there were no rules. “The older women had more confidence, so they’d go down your pants and play and you’d just go with the flow.“The younger girls more wanted to flirt, get your number and meet up later.“There was one job out in the sticks where quite a few women were married, which we didn’t know at the time.“There were four of us working that one and I think all the guys had a girl that night.“Early on one of the boys zipped away and one of the women was gone too.“A little while later they walked in and he had gravel all over his back so they’d been r***ing on the driveway.”But mixing business and pleasure didn’t always end well, Mike said.   Mike said his biggest worry now was his girlfriend attending events where there were topless waiters.“She’s gone to a hen’s party and it f**ked me all night,” he said. “I know what happens there, but I guess I just have to trust her.”   We do not think this is the view and case for all Naked Butlers but it is interesting to see the other side. as we have heard so much before about Lap Dancers stories and Strippers stories. It would be be interesting to get the point of View of a UK based Naked Butler company.   Lads have been doing the Lap dancing and stripper thing for years so much so that it is become an extremely common part of a stag night, it is good to see the hen parties having some fun as well. which combine the fun of comedy and drag queen with the sexy and naughty side of male strippers. There are so
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    Adonis Cabaret Show the hen party activity
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