Nottingham 4x4 Driving Stag Weekend Activity

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A totaly different Stag party activity in Nottingham for the groups that want to learn how to handle and drive a 4×4.

if you are like a high proportion of the UK and now drive a 4×4 this will be a perfect Stag weekend activity.

Using our Land Rover Discovery, prepare to take on the many hazards such as wooded ascents and descents, adverse cambers, deep pits, see saws and much more that await you on our purpose built 4 x 4 off-road course. Each person is guided around by a qualified instructor at all times.

1 hour slots can be shared for up to four people giving each person fifteen minutes each driving time.

If there is more than 4 people in the Nottingham Stag party we just add another JEEP.

Amazing activity for an unreal price.



NUMBERS:                                              Minimum group size is 4

APPROX EVENT DURATION:                             1 hour

DRIVE TIME PER PERSON:                    15 mins


RRP:                                                        £22

This is a great activity to combine with

  • Dirt Buggies
  • Quad Biking
  • Segway
  • Assault course.


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