Nottingham Combat Games Stag Do Activity

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Nottingham Combat Games Stag Do Activity with Pop the Fizz

What is a great Stag Do Activity in Nottingham ?

Combat games are very popular with Stag Do’s in Nottingham as you are all competing against each other to achieve the best result through out the Combat Games.

It is all about bragging rights so lets make sure you come out on top.

Energetic fun, great for Adventurous Stag Parties that love competitiveness and can talk the hind legs off a donkey.


You will start the Nottingham Stag Activity off with being split into teams having time to get on your camouflage gear and paint on your best war face!


And the Stag activities start from the word go!


Through the whole event each Nottingham combat games activity is scored on the best finishing time, each Stag group has to do mental and physical challenges. Such as Assault course, Tug of War, Mountain flag race, Jigsaw hunt, Plinth challenge, log challenge, bucket challenge.

This activity is great for team building or just as a fun day out for Nottingham Stag do’s and perfect for building up the thirst for the big night ahead on the booze.



NUMBERS:                                              Minimum group size is 8

APPROX EVENT DURATION:                             2.5 hours


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