Segway Driving

Customer Rating:

Segway driving is so different, perfect for the alternative Nottingham Stag party activity.

Segway’s x2 are safe, confidence inspiring and can be mastered in only a few minutes by anyone from 8 to 80.

After an initial training session you will get an opportunity (depending on group size) to take part in a Segway X2 relay race before then taking these amazing vehicles around our purpose built woodland off road circuit for an unforgettable experience.

The Segway are great fun, like nothing you have ever experienced before and thrilling to ride on your Nottingham stag activity.

We can have up to 7 riders on the circuit at any one time with each rider getting a minimum of 20 minutes on a Segway so depending on your group size there may be some standing around time.

NUMBERS: Minimum group size is 6
DRIVE TIME: 20mins

RRP: £33
Located 1 mile north from our centre.

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