Dublin Stag Do Activity ZIPIT

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Dublin Stag Do Activity ZIPIT with Pop the Fizz.

Come join us for a unique, exciting and fun packed Dublin Stag Do adventure challenge on our spectacular Treetop Ropes Adventure Course, situated in Dublin.

Climb high into the treetops, swing into cargo nets, fly down one of our many ziplines. With 5 circuits ranging from 1-20 metres high, Zipit offers up to 4 hours of fun for all ages and abilities – from beginners to adrenaline junkies.
Perfect for an Adrenalin fueled Dublin Stag do, so bring along your group. Zipit is the perfect activity for your Dublin Stag Do or Corporate Events days out.

Once harnessed, you are given a short safety instruction by one of our qualified Instructors, followed by a practice circuit. Then, away you go, secure in the knowledge that our instructors are on the ground if you need them, to offer guidance, encouragement or get you back down to the ground.
Climb It, Swing It, Surf It, ZIPIT – but above all have fun and be adventurous!

How big is the course?
1 Course, 5 Circuits, 91 Activities
OK, so how long is the whole course?
Total of all 5 circuits stretch over 1.8km.
Is there lot’s of ziplines.
Yes, we have zip lines on every circuit – 650m in total!
How long is the longest zip line?
It’s on the Blue Circuit and it’s 135m.
What sort of activities will I be doing?
Rope bridges, tightropes, cargo nets, climbing walls, zip lines, surfboard, ladders, bmx, base jumps.
How long will it take?
Between 3 and 4 hours, as a guideline.
Can anyone do it?
Minimum age is 7 years. Minimum Height is 1m. Maximum Weight is 120kg (leg strap dimensions can also limit fitting of harness)
How high is the Green Circuit
From 1 – 3 metres high, great for kids and beginners.
How high are the Orange and White Family Circuits?
From 4-8 metres in places.
How high is the Blue Circuit?
The highest point is about 13m.
How high is the Red Circuit?
The base jump is 20m – a very challenging circuit, requiring upper body strength.

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