Cocktail Making Hen Party Weekend Activity

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Cocktail Making Hen Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz.

What do most hen weekends do in Galway ?

Drink cocktails and have fun. At Pop the Fizz we have combined them both and given you and the rest of the ladies in the Galway Hen Weekend the chance to make the perfect cocktails.

What Happens ?
  • You make cocktails
  • You drink cocktails
  • You feel like tom cruise in “Cocktail”

The Galway Cocktail Making experience lasts around 1hr 30 mins to 2 hours depending on your hen party size. We deal with a few different suppliers in Galway starting from £20 per person to £45 which involves food as well.


It truly is one of the most popular hen party activities and something even your mother in law will love to do.


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