Get into Tiger Tiger on your Stag Night

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Guest List London in Tiger Tiger with Pop the Fizz.


If you dont know London and you are there for a Stag Night don’t make the mistake most have made and wander the streets trying to get into somewhere with a large group of lads.  You will eventually find somewhere but who know what it is like and where you will end up.


Remember the Hangover is a great movie but you would not want that to happen to you!. Get Stag party booked into Guest list so if you get lots during your Stag Do you can all meet up in one GOOD place.


Tiger Tiger London rocks, it has just the right amount of swagger with a heavy blend of trendy and to be honest a little sprinkle of cheese to lighten the mood.


The great point Tiger Tiger London has something for every one in a great central location in the heart of the capital, you will be silly not to take this opportunity up with Pop the Fizz.


Take it to the next level with VIP seats and drinks if you want to make the night even more of a winner.



Other things you can try in London on your stag night with Pop the Fizz

  • Club Class Bus London
  • Medieval Banquet
  • Boat Cruise up the Thames
  • Lap Dancing Entrance
  • Great Meal Options


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