Durham 4 x 4 Driving Experience Hen Party Weekend Activity

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<h2>Durham 4 x 4 Driving Experience Hen Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz <h2/>


Who books 4×4 Driving for a Durham Hen Party Activity ?

Generally it is for the Hen Party who’s bride drives a massive 4×4, and drives it like she is driving a bus on a busy high street.

The passenger part of this Durham Activity is just an emotional roller coaster as actually driving the vehicle yourself. You take on every bump but you have zero control of what pedals to press or steering wheel to turn.

This is a chance to really drive the way you really want and dominate in this case not the road but the specially designed track. Your confidence will grow through out the time spent behind.


This is the perfect Durham Hen party activity to take back to real life on Monday and show every one on the school run who is the boss. Get out of my way or I am going straight over you.


Under full instruction you will be taught how to negotiate the toughest terrain and come out on top. At times it will be scary but you must stay in full control


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As you can see through the link they are mainly for the lads but we do get some great Hen Parties groups ripping it up.

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