Durham Archery Hen Party Weekend Activity

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Durham Archery Hen Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz

Bring out your inner Zen and get into the character of Robin Hood or even better Maid Marian.


Every one has now seen Kevin Costner in Robin Hood and want to give Archery a go and no better time than on your Hen Weekend in Durham where you are foot loose and fancy free.


This is an Hour long activity and within the Durham Activity centre you can combine Archery with Archery Tag, or with Human Table Football and Pole Jousting if you want to have a full day of Hen party based activities in Durham.


Just in case we go back to the ways of old you will be highly skilled in the art of Archery and be able to hunt for your food or in the real world take the spoils of being number one shot on your Hen Weekend.

We do advise that you take this Hen Activity in Durham to the next level and get your fancy dress sorted so you are in full costume for the entire day.

Medieval is the new Black!!



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