Durham Paintball 300 Stag Party Weekend Activity

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Durham Paintball 300 Stag Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz.


Why would you do paintballing on your Durham Stag Party ?

In Durham its fast, fun and exciting; you get the chance to shoot your mates and hunt like in the old days of the Cave Men or if you have seen a few lads out on the pull in Newcastle.

Plus Durham Paintball is cheaper than most Stag Activity that can last a full day and involves every one other than the people that fall asleep in the wood, and we have had a few of them.

We have 4 Paintball sites throughout Durham so you have lots of options, just give Pop the Fizz a call to see which one best fits your Stag Party, from man made towns to open woods perfect to get rid of the fear from the night before and quickly allow the  hangover to disappear ready for round two.

It is still one of the most popular Stag activities as you get a chance to play army for the day and build up a thirst for the big night ahead.




You can combine this with a driving activity to make it the perfect day.


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