Durham Archery Stag Party Weekend Activity

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Durham Archery Stag Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz.

Why would you chose Archery as an Activity for your Stag Weekend in Durham?

It is cheap and also a great add on to split up a big group so people are not waiting around and the day flows easily.


Durham Stag groups and their merry men can try their hand at this ancient skill, tights are optional but it is always good to get into fancy dress, especially the STAG.

We have all played with bow and arrows growing up and now it is your turn to try it for real.

Archery in Durham is a great Stag Party activity as the group can get the hang of things pretty quickly and then it is game on.


Sadly, we can’t allow apples to be shot from heads but we’re sure you will enjoy hitting the target again and again just as much.


Once you’ve got the hang of it we will move onto some scored competitions allowing the winner to bask in the Stag Party glory and the loser to be ridiculed and take on a fancy dress challenge for the rest of the weekend.


You can also Link this activity to Archery Tag to take it to the next level. Make your Stag weekend the best so far.



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