Durham Bootcamp Stag Party Weekend Activity

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Durham Bootcamp Stag Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz

This is for the extreme Fitness guys that just want to blow the bottom out of the night before or set you up in good stead for a massive night on the drink.

This will be one hour of sheer fitness hell but the endorphin lift afterwards will be huge.

We use Transform fitness whom are experts in their field and week in week out train support and push people to personally achieve huge results.

They have a specially designed Fitness site just a couple of miles outside Durham city centre full of all the fitness gear you could dream off. Think Prowlers, Farmers Walk, Pull ups Sprints the lot.

Please get there 30 mins before allocated time as we will need to do a quick assessment to check fitness levels to see how hard and far we can push your Durham stag group.

They have designed sessions for Durham Stag parties in the past and as well as a work out the lads have great banter and then generally meet you down the pub afterwards.

This is another Durham Stag Activity that you can pull through a Fancy Dress theme for the full weekend, with the likes of ankle socks 80’s fitness fashion and many more.

It is always good to blow out the night before but just make sure you are ready for it.

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