Durham Cocktail Making Experience Stag Do Party Activity

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Durham Cocktail Making Experience Stag Do Party Activity with Pop the Fizz

The cocktail making experience is held in Fat Buddha one of the best and classiest bars in the city and this is how the night is going to go.


This is a perfect mid afternoon early evening Stag group activity in Durham allowing you to relax and enjoy the whole day.


The experience will last about 1hr 30mins and it will allow you to mix taste and enjoy cocktails with your informative but cool mixologist.


The Fat Buddha is not just renowned for the bar but also the food is exceptional, you can add on an Asian tapas food package for £5 which is well worth the money.

A lot of lads now enjoy a cocktail or three on a night out and this is just a new idea of celebrating the lads been allowed out together. The back bone of the class is centered around Fun and having a laugh so make sure you take your camera and have it ready to collect memories.

Relax, enjoy and slip into the world of mixology .




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