Durham Comedy Club Stag Party Weekend Activity

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Durham Comedy Club Stag Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz


In Durham there are Comedy clubs running on a Friday and a Sunday most weeks which are perfect banter ground for a Stag Party, but it is always best to make sure you give us a call first.


This is a fantastic Durham Stag Party activity that will have every one at least laughing having fun and making the Stag night that special occasion every one was hoping for.

The acts come from far and wide to the price is a from £12 as some weekend you have the more famous acts trailing out some of their material but it still will not break the bank. Our favourite was Ardal O Hanlon amazingly funny.


Great as a start of a finish to a Durham Stag Party weekend as you will be finished at about 11pm and then it is on to Bars and nightclubs of which Durham has a far few.


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