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Evening Meal Stag Do Party Activities with Pop the Fizz.


Why book a meal for a Stag do in Durham ?

Tt is a great chance to catch up with every one and start the night off on a positive note.

We have some exceptional evening meal options for Stag parties in Durham to make sure they have something to eat before you head out on the drink.


The meal option for a stag party is the perfect way of shooting the s*** before you all head out as in many cases you may have not seen each other for weeks, months or even years.


We have some great options, BBQ, Steak House, Italian, Thai, Pub Food, Burgers so no matter how picky the group is we will be able to find something to suit.

It is always class to get every one round a table and reminisce of your groups past exploits, conquest and failures.
Something for every stag and nothing for no one. Enjoy the effort we have put into our stag party activities in Durham to make your weekend special as we want you to come back and use us or spread the word of how good we were.

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