Newcastle Hen Weekend Party Dinner options

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Newcastle Hen Weekend Party Dinner options with Pop the Fizz.

Newcastle is rammed full of amazing Dinner options for you and your hen party to enjoy but you only have a couple of days so let us give you some advice and Ideas

Pop the Fizz link with lots of restaurants in Newcastle so you have a far better dinning experience and you get more for your money.


We work with restaurants that embrace large groups and you receive both a dinning and fun experience through out the evening.


We have all been in restaurants with large groups where you feel uncomfortable when you raise your voice or act slightly boisterous with your best friends, pop the Fizz do not want you to feel like this.


Other Hen party ideas in Newcastle that would be perfect to link up with a great meal.

  • Guest list entrance into Newcastle top nightclubs 
  • Club Class Bus 
  • The Best and cheapest Bar Crawl in Newcastle 
  • Butler and Prosecco Afternoon 
  • Butlers in the Buff 


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