Newcastle Pole Jousting Hen Party Weekend Activity

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Newcastle Pole Jousting Hen Party Weekend Activity

Have you ever wanted to beat the POO out of one of your friends but with out really hurting them? Well this is the perfect Newcastle hen activity for your group.

A great fun activity that gets everyone involved and we are sure you have seen Gladiators before!

Time to step up or step out haha, all the saying are flying out in the Pop the Fizz office.

We have a special offer for three activities for just £40. They are Human Table football, Jousting and Archery

Groups are required to arrive 30 minutes early for registration and safety brief. This is
followed by 1 hour round robin where participants take it in turns to stand atop the
posts facing each other and use their pugil sticks to knock each other off the posts
onto the inflated bed.
Minimum Participants Minimum group size of 10 people

Equipment provided Head protection and pugil stick

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