Newcastle Life Drawing Hen Party Weekend Activity

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Newcastle Life Drawing Hen Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz

Life drawing is amazing and unreal hen Weekend activity in Newcastle. If laughter is what you want on your hen party then this is the best way to start.

You spend the afternoon in the company of an Adonis of athletic proportion but this time he is naked and you have took to brush the canvas to capture this inner zen, or in most cases the size of his dandelion and burdock.

So don’t be shy and get your very own pencil or brush out to replicate his. You don’t have to be generous as he does this for a day job.

Great fun and you will take home a lasting memory of your weekend activity even if you can not remember his name.

One of the best parts of the Hen activity comes once you have finished your painting you get a chance to compare and contrast to see who’s work in the group resembles Rembrandt or in most cases Ronald Mc Donald.

Life Drawing is a great hen activity for all ages, as the wine flows and the laughter and girly banter is at its height.



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