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Newcastle Escape Rooms Stag Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz

Escape rooms Newcastle is a new activity to the Newcastle stag party scene and it is going down extremely well.

It is a thinkers game and for smaller groups that want to use their brain rather than their Bacardi breezer.

The main reviews are extremely positive as just so very different to the normal get drunk or drive quad biking.  This stag party will be about stimulating the brain before you drown it in one of Newcastle’s top stag party pubs.

  • All sites max in room is 5 – can stretch to 6 if no other option.
  • No real minimum but don’t think sending the stag in alone as some have requested would be much fun for anyone.
  • All games take 1 hour but we allow 90 mins including briefing and debriefing
  • Newcastle has 2 rooms – Newcastle Classic and Da Vinci Room
  • Da Vinci is set in an old study – you must steal an artefact as well as escaping
  • Classic is set in a normal living room with a twist – find the key and escape

Some of the reviews

Went here with some friends who have done this before abroad. They were really excited about it and raved about the ones they’d already tried. It’s a bit of a strange setting (in an office building) but once your in the room it doesn’t matter, you could be anywhere. The staff are really nice and talked us through everything. Our party (9 people) split into two and did two rooms, I was in the da Vinci room. The clues and puzzles are all really well thought out and had different levels of difficulty, when stuck on a clue for a while extra clues are provided via a tv screen. The hour flew by because we were really enjoying ourselves and concentrating on what we were doing so we would get out before the others. It was a really good laugh, it would make a really good team building exercise especially if you have teams in the different rooms at the same time. We didn’t win though

Visited November 2015

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