Newcastle Hovercraft Driving Experience Stag Weekend Party Activity

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Newcastle Hovercraft Driving Experience Stag Weekend Party Activity with Pop the Fizz.

It is all guys, but  I am sure girls have a similar dream to drive a hovercraft since you first saw the awesome chase scene in James Bond ” Die another day ”

This is a large rescue Hovercraft so has space for the instructor to guide all Newcastle stag parties through the trials and tribulation of steering and maneuvering along the designed track.


The chance that you can drive on both land and water is the biggest thrill. With no obstacle to big you will feel like a king hoovering through the Northumberland country side. 


This is an excellent Newcastle stag activity which to link to a second activity and enjoy a full day of thrilling activities.
This truly is a fantastic Activity and something you will not get the chance to do on a normal Saturday afternoon. it will definitely go down in the Newcastle Stag Weekend bucket list a long with wearing knickers on your head.


Hoovercraft Driving Experience - Newcastle
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