Newcastle Outdoor Go Karting Stag Do Party Activity

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Newcastle Outdoor Go Karting Stag Do Party Activity with Pop the Fizz

Outdoor Go Karting in Newcastle is a fantastic option for all Stag Do parties coming to region. it give the drivers in the group a chance to really show their skills.

One of the benefits of this fantastic stag and hen activity is that you can have up to 20 people on the track at the same time.

We have two racing formats that groups are jumping on board, the first is a turn up and driving scenario which is fantastic and you get around 45 minutes driving time.

The second option is a Grand Prix option which will run for up to 2 hours and you run in groups each getting a similar amount of driving time for all Newcastle stag and hen group but you have pit stops and change over to contend with as well.

This is a great Durham Stag Activity as you are all on the track and one little mistake, slip or skid and you go from 1 to 20th. There is so much banter while waiting for your times it is a great day.


There are other activities you can add on at this stag activity site such as Tomma hawk throwing, Rage Rally  4×4 driving and Archery.

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