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Paintball is a great Newcastle stag activity as it can fit any budget from a basic package all the way up to a full day with 800 paint-balls.

We have a number of different paintball sites through Newcastle so best to get in touch and the Pop the fizz team can point you in the right direction.

Paintball is an exciting stag party activity suitable for both sexes
combining teamwork, strategy and quick thinking.

All players are equipped with the very latest easy to use semi automatic paintball
guns, camouflage overalls and full face paintball masks.

During the visit, players are sent on various exciting and challenging missions in
zones of varying size and theme. Objectives vary from game to game but can include
capture the flag, elimination, defending or attacking a particular area or capturing
objects of interest hidden in the playing area.

Running Order
All sessions include 30 minutes for registration, kit up and full safety brief.
Half Day Session 09.30 or 12.30 arrival. Average paint use – 400 paintballs
Full Day Session 09.30 arrival. Average paint use – 800 paintballs
Minimum and Maximum Participants We can accept groups from 2 to 200

Equipment Provided
– Tippmann semi automatic paintball gun
– Compressed air system for cleaner and more consistent gun operation
– Anti-fog masks with clear lenses
– Professionally laundered high quality ov

It is a great option to get rid of the Newcastle stag party beer sweats and prep you up for the night ahead.


The packages we have at the moment are:

  • £10 per person includes 100 paintballs and snack lunch (minimum
    purchase of 200 extra paintballs at £16 is compulsory on the day.
    Customers WILL NOT be allowed to play without a minimum of
    300 paintballs. )
  • £25 per person includes 300 paintballs and lunch
  • We also have a 500 paintball package

Paintball can be also an add on to other packages so just call us to see what else they have on site.

Brilliant from www.strangemiltary.com


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