Newcastle Tank Driving Stag Party Weekend Activity

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Newcastle Tank Driving Stag Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz.

Tank Driving is the most extreme and unusual Newcastle stag activity we offer. It is totally different and hugely memorable for your stag group.

As well as the tank driving experience you can also just get a Tank drive.

The cost is quite high but as it is a once in a life opportunity it has become extremely popular. It is also a favorite for combining the days fancy dress to the Newcastle stag activity.

Price is reduced with the size of the group but please take into account so will the time driving the vehicle.

You will be in one of our FV (Fighting Vehicle) 432 Armoured Personnel Carriers – a light (?) 15 ton tank. If we have a large group on the day, we may run two simultaneously – a Mk I and a Mk II – with a third in reserve. Now, that IS fun! Drivers need not hold a Driving Licence but good upper body strength is important for pulling the non power assisted steering levers/brakes. After a short introduction to the 432 and its history (they continue in use in the Army, in specialised roles), you’ll be shown around to understand how it works as the instructor carries out a “First Parade Inspection”. Then, it’s all aboard and he’ll move the APC to the Start Point for driver training. One by one, you’ll take the controls for a short session with the instructor in his vehicle commander’s position. Then you’ll swap with other drivers in the rear crew compartment, when the ride and conditions for an infantryman will be experienced, before returning to the “hot seat” for a longer drive. Normally you’ll be with the vehicle for an hour.

Additionally, on returning to the farm base, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with some of our military/engineering vehicle collection including a four wheeled M2 Rig which can swim across a river whilst carrying the FV 432 on its back, 65 ton Chieftain Armoured Repair and Recovery, Centurion ARV, several other armoured vehicles, ex RAF 6×6 Fire/Crash/Rescue tender, Foden 6×6 Gun Tractor used very recently by us in mine clearing trials – the list goes on.  Some of these have been used for film (as was our 5 man Hovercraft in ‘Die Another Day’) and TV, and a BBC Look North feature in November 2010.

Please Note:
– Access to the crew area is easy: DRIVERS need to be sufficiently agile to climb the outside of the APC, traverse the top and drop down through the driver’s hatch. (The Army recruits 18-35 year olds for a reason!)
– Be aware that the interior, unlike a civilian vehicle, is not user-friendly: you’ll need to brace yourself against sudden movement and an adult must ride with and protect a younger person: helmets are available.
– As with all our activities, you participate at your own risk. Smoking is not permitted near any of our vehicles.

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