Penrith Stag Do Paintball Activity

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Cumbria Penrith Paintball Stag Party Activity with Pop the Fizz

What do you do in Cumbria on a stag do ?

Well lets start off with a traditional Stag do activity of shooting each other as much as possible with Penrith Paintballing.

When you join Pop the Fizz you, will enjoy a unique paintballing Stag Do experience, with a variety of woodland and urban environments creating contrasting game scenarios. Test your courage and tactical abilities to the limit, whether you are ambushing Bin-Laden’s bunker or on a militant drugs run across the border of New Mexico…

Are job is to ensure that your Penrith stag do has amazing memories and the Stag group and yourself experience something different.

For those of you that may have a farm, warehouse, woodland or happen to have your own pre-created war zone we are able to bring this activity to you

This is perfect if you are staying in a Barn and want us to come to you, it is our job to sort all of this.


  • 400 Paintballs,
  • all gear
  • & insurance

Additional paint £3/100 on the day which is incredibility cheap, so get your Rambo on.

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