Lake District Raft Building and Abseiling Stag Do Activity

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Lake District Raft Building and Abseiling Stag Do Activity

Rafting is the ultimate in all out fun for a bunch of lads on a Stag do in the Lake District. It is all things you were not allowed to do as a child, get wet splash each other and act like fools around water.
This is your license to go crazy.

It is a seriously competitive activity that brings out the very best or would people say worst in stag do and leaves you with loads of ammunition for the pub later on.

Organised well with a second activity to follow you will have an amazing day in the Lake District on your stag do.

Abseiling is the perfect Stag do activity for a quick thrill and burst of adrenaline in the Lake District. It also give you a rare and excellent way to get a birds eye view of the lake District.

At Eden Valley Adventures we use a number of locations to suit our customers, such as ullswater, Keswick and South Lakes. Abseiling has long been used in rock climbing, caving, and mountaineering to descend slopes or cliffs that are too steep to simply hike down.

In recent years, however, abseiling has become a popular sport in its own right. Give it a go on your lake district stag do and see if you have a head for heights!

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