Aqualing and Cliff Jumping

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Aqualining & Cliff Jumping is a fantastic and exciting Stag weekend activity that is just waiting for you to jump on in.


After a confidence building session of wild swimming, sliding and plunge pooling with the Stag party guides, you will be introduced to the world’s first and only commercial Slack line over water! Aqualining & Cliff Jumping takes place at Calvine Canyon, armed with some of the best cliff jumps in the area.


The Edinburgh stag Party Activity guides firstly will teach you the mechanics of cliff jumping, including how to launch, fly through the air and hit the water with minimum risk before you’re allowed to experiment with your bravado to see how high you can go. This skill development allows you to quash the fear of falling from the Slack line and focus on the skills required to stay on it!


You will then be taken on a journey through your own physical and mental agility to overcome the Aqualining adventure activity twist. Our Aqualining Edinburgh Stag Weekend adventure activity guarantees massive rushes and raucous laughter delivered with the usual  passion. Bang on target when fuelled with a wee bit of “Nae Danger”.


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