Fantastic Meal and into a Lap Dancers

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Fantastic Meal and into a Lap Dancers with Pop the Fizz.

What is the most popular meal for Stag Parties in Edinburgh ?

Steak !!

What is the most popular thing to do on a Edinburgh stag night ?

Go to the strippers!

Pop the Fizz have combined them both and what a stag activity it is.


Pop the Fizz work with the Fantasy Palace by far the best Lap Dancing venue in Edinburgh for not only going to see some boobies but also for the lads in the stag party that don’t want to they can enjoy a drink in the cool bar.


Linked to this venue is an amazing restaurant serving up the one of the best steaks in Edinburgh. A lot of red blooded males want meat and boobies anf generally in that order and Pop the Fizz have delivered.

This food stag package is well worth it weight in gold and a fantastic way to start the Edinburgh stag night.


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