Its a Knock out

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This is one of the most thrilling and engaging Edinburgh stag party activities we have at Pop the Fizz.


It involves everything that is fun such as inflatables, team challenges and just general tomfoolery.


Based just outside Edinburgh it is a perfect stag activity when you have woken with a hangover and need a quick fix but also memories that will last for ever.




Custom built and all brand new our selection of 8 crazy knockout games is guaranteed to challenge, amuse and entertain your Edinburgh Stag Party whilst guaranteeing a non-stop spectacular of entertainment for the spectators.

Each stag party member  is provided with their own ‘It’s A Knockout’ T-shirt which they can keep at the end of the session.
Running Order
Customers must arrive 30 minutes early for registration safety brief. We run one open
It’s A Knockout session per week, which will now be at 12pm each Saturday.
Minimum and Maximum Participants
Minimum group of 20 people from mixed groups is required for a session to run, up
to a maximum of 150.
We advise that all participants bring a change of clothes and a towel as they WILL
get wet.
Age Restrictions Minimum age

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