Brighton Off Road Mud Buggies Stag Do Party Activity

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Brighton Off Road Mud Buggies Stag Do Party Activity with Pop the Fizz

Why do stag parties book Off road buggies with Pop the Fizz ?

We know exactly what our clients want – FUN. They’re a Stag Do who have come to us because they want to do something different and something fun. So that’s how we’ve structured Off road Buggies – good, dirty, safe fun.


As well as our famous mud buggy racing we offer xbows and archery call Pop the Fizz for more info.


The clients love the buggies because we keep the energy going. Everyone gets practice laps, three races each, plus the Rabid Relay, constantly changing buggies and opponents.

4 get to race head to head, which is much more fun than timed laps and particularly dramatic when they hit our ‘Magic Puddle’….always pretty full and sometimes resembling a shallow lake…….those taking photos have just as much fun!


Last year we introduced a new grand finale, the Le Mans style Rabid Relay, which was a massive success. It means every driver gets involved again, as we split them into two teams (for example, led by Brighton Stag and Best Man) and they have to run to their buggies, leap in, get buckled up, hurtle round a lap against a driver from the opposite team, leap out, run back to the next driver and tag them to do the same. Even though it’s just fun, you can imagine how it gets the adrenalin and laughter going. It has been know to turn into WWE Wrestling in the pits with full use of the hosepipe.

The buggies are automatic and have 400cc engines, full roll cage and safety harness. There are only two pedals for stop and go, leaving the driver to concentrate on steering their way around the challenging circuit and race their three opponents.



  • Exclusive use of the track and facilities – no sharing with Stag Do groups
  • Teas and coffees on arrival
  • Sign in and get the Safety Briefing and demonstration of the buggies
  • Get kitted out in overalls and helmets
  • Individual Practice laps
  • 3 races each, 4 buggies racing head to head around the track and through the Magic Puddle every lap for the chequered flag
  • Rabid Relay  – split into two teams according to the points accrued from their 3 races, Le Mans style running and tagging and driving, wicked fun
  • Podium presentation with medals and fizz!


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