Newquay Stag Party King of the beach

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Newquay Stag Party King of the beach

Allow a morning or afternoon for this great activity for Stags Parties  who fancy themselves as Lifeguards with some genuine Surf lifesaving training games all with a competitive edge.

The package comprises the following:

A beach sprint

Beach Flags game (participants race for a baton….there is always one less baton than competitors)

A Run/Swim/Run

Run followed by board paddle

A mock rescue

Beach Volleyball followed by BBQ option 1 with beer/Cocktails

(minimum 8 x )


Please plan your day to keep drinking for after any water activities, we are very strict in not allowing anyone who has been drinking into the water for obvious reasons.


The beach volley ball court/ football pitch is reserved for your soul use for 1 hour.  The start time of a 60 minute slot may vary and will be disclosed at the time of booking.  The pitch/court will be set up may be in use by other groups outside of the 60 minute reserved slot.  The pitch will be uneven, and possibly on a slope depending on the tides and available space. The group must state which of the sports they wish to participate in at the time of booking.  Participation forms must be filled out by each participant.


Minted lamb steak

6oz butchers handmade black pepper burgers

Garlic and rosemary rump steak

Honey glazed BBQ ribs

See below for vegetarian alternative

Meat and veggie options

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