Newquay Terror Tightrope Walk Stag Do Activity

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Newquay The Terror Tightwire walk Stag Do Activity with Pop the Fizz 


Time to scare the bejesus out of the Stag party in Newquay.


The tight wire is stretched between two high points on our cliffs and gives superb birds eye view of our beautiful beach from 150ft up if you are brave enough to look!  Have a look at the video below to see what the Terror Tightwire is really like.

This is really a test of balls and courage but once complete the euphoria is amazing and leads to a good Stag night ahead.

You will of course be safely harnessed but will feel very precarious on your step by step journey from one cliff to another teetering high above the beach below.


You must be aged 8 and over and wearing trainers and a brave smile. This Stag Do activity is great to do as part of a group because the verbal encouragement and laughter from your friends as you fall is all part of the fun!  This can be booked as a standalone activity or as part of our Multicliff package.



The link is of our High wire walk activity taken by Parkinson’s UK, it gives a good idea of what the Terror Tightrope is like.


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