Newquay Water Man Stag Do Activity

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Waterman Day

Duration: 5 hours (excl break for Lunch)

Location: Towan Headland and Fistral Beach, Newquay


What is the Waterman Day?

The Waterman day is the perfect Stag Do weekend activity and a guaranteed crowd pleaser as it incorporates all 3 of the Watersports that Newquay is famous for! Your day will consist of 2 activity sessions. The first one will be a 2.5hour Coasteer followed by a 3 hour session of Surfing and Bodyboarding.



Coasteering is an exhilarating water activity that is suitable for everybody. We like to say “Choose Your Own Intensity” this means that there is something for everyone.  For those that are adrenaline junkies to individuals that are not as confident with heights or water we pitch our coasteer sessions to suit all levels.

We like to describe Coasteering as an aquatic assault course. It is made up of 4 elements, wild sea swimming, low level traversing, cave exploration and jumping into deep water plunge pools! Each coasteer session is different and depending on the sea state you may also encounter sluices, whirlpools and natural rapids and local wildlife. 


What if I don’t want to do the jumps?

If any of the group are nervous of heights or would like to opt out of the jumps or any other element of the Coasteer then that is absolutely fine. Choose your own intensity!

Although we do wish to challenge each individual to push their personal boundaries we respect that there will be some individuals will want to miss certain elements of the coasteer.   


You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want! 


The routes have been specifically mapped out by our expert guides.  There are plenty of alternatives for party members who may not be so confident.  You can ask your guide to leave the session at any time throughout the activity. 


The lesson begins with a quick lesson on the sand covering beach safety and ocean awareness, you will then progress onto prone Bodyboarding, this involves catching the waist depth white water waves straight to shore. This is relatively easy and we can guarantee everyone will master this within your first couple of waves. Once your group are happy with this your coaches will take you through trimming and turning left and right again giving you the opportunity to practice. The final part of the lesson will involve heading back to the sand and donning your fins, you will be taught how to use the fins effectively and how to get outback to the deeper water and unbroken waves by duckdiving. You will then progress onto catching the green waves giving you longer rides and bigger thrill! Once you have had your fill of bodyboarding you will return to the beach and swap your bodyboard for a surfboard and commence your surfing lesson.


The lesson begins with learning prone Surfing, this involves catching the waist depth white water waves to shore lying down on the surfboard. Once you have mastered prone surfing you’ll progress onto learning how to ‘pop up’ into a standing position as you ride the wave back to the beach. Nothing is more exhilarating than that very first wave that you catch!

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