Newcastle 4x4 Blindfold Driving Hen Party Weekend Activity

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Newcastle 4×4 Blindfold Driving Hen Party Weekend Activity with Pop the Fizz.

Why book 4×4 blindfold driving in Newcastle for your Hen Party ?

It is a great Hen activity for both the driver and the people in the cab. You have the experience of manipulating the 4×4 beast through the carefully designed course as well as the fear and banter of the back seat drivers.

Driving is always a great Hen activity in Newcastle as it brings out the inner va va voom in the ladies.

If you have a 4×4 at home this is a great activity to teach you how not to drive on the curbs on the school run.

Is your friendship strong enough to lead you through Newcastles specially designed 4×4 track whilst blindfolded and driving a 1 ton vehicle.

Blindfold driving is a great Newcastle Hen party weekend activity for smaller groups as this is about you and the girls in one big land rover or tank.

The driver is blindfolded and you are the instructors giving advise. Oops no mistakes haha. As you are either the driver or the instructor it is about team work and calm, stress free instructions which has gone astray from time to time with certain Hen parties.

It is exciting to put your life in your Hen parties hands for an hour and know who really likes you.


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